Adidas Adizero Sub 2

A true road – racing shoe tailored for elite runners with the sole mission of breaking the 2-hour marathon time.

So how does it fare for the amateur road racer?


I received these shoes for testing and review from Ari Running Concept Store, Bangkok and have been told to give as neutral review as possible based on my personal views.

What It Says On The Box

BOOST light midsole; the lightest boost foam Adidas has ever made, especially developed for the marathon distance

Microfit upper: an upper material that is seamless and incorporates microfit technology to adapt to the wearer’s foot shape

Microweb outsole; at outsole developed from Adidas’ original Stretchweb outsole to increase grip on all types and conditions of surfaces.

Tech Specs

Upper / materials

The Upper and the tongue is made from a stiffer material than that of the Adios 3, but seems to adapt to the foot shape faster and ventilates very well.

The inside of the upper is seamless and does not irritate the skin.

The laces are round in shape and are made of a lighter material than the ones on the Adios 3 and the Takumi range. They are also longer than the Adios 3 and are plenty in length for a heel lock and distributes pressure well when tied up. I found them secure and they did not slip off easily or become undone during faster sprints.


The insole is a single piece of fabric material that is light and has perforations to provide ventilation. Like the Takumi sen, it cannot be removed is permanently glued into the shoe.


The outsole is made of Continental rubber and provides amazing traction and grip on all types of surfaces in all conditions. I do rate the Takumi range higher in grip as I prefer the grippy feel of the DSPs on track surfaces, but the Sub 2 feel grippier on road surfaces.

 It is to note that I thought that the outsole looked extremely thin to begin with! (seems to be millimeters in thickness)

The shape of the outsole itself is one solid piece of rubber, like those of thePure Boost DPR. Adidas have removed the torison control feature commonly Found in the middle of the soles of the Adios 3 and the Takumi range. They also lack DSP (dual stencil process) quick strike grips found on the Takumi range.

IMHO, I thought that when worn, the outsoles of the Sub 2 did not “feel” as thin as the Takumi range.

How I Tested Them Out

I ran and walked in these shoes for a total distance of 103.8 km, including tempo, intervals and long runs on road, track, concrete surfaces as well as on the traditional treadmill and curve treadmill. I also tested them out on wet conditions (in the rain).


The toe box of the Sub 2 is a slight bit wider than the Adios 3 (I fit into the same size as Womens’ Adios 3). They feel wider compared to both the Takumi sen and Takumi ren and accommodates toe spread during push- off and landing very well.

I do think the shape and fit is similar to that of the Nike Zoom Streak 6 in the way that the toe box is wider and it narrows towards the middle of the foot.


To sum up: they feel light, responsive and provide great traction.

The low ride and the one-piece sole feels very stable under the foot and does not turn the ankles easily.

However, IMHO, I feel that the fact that they lack the torison control feature meant, for me, that the push- off is much harder to accomplish with my longer – length strides which I am accustomed to, which in turn meant that my hamstrings were much more engaged for the longer race – pace and interval sessions. I feel that this means you really need to have strong leg muscles to benefit from the Sub 2.

For my LSD (long slow distance runs) I had no problem wearing the Sub 2, but much caution is to be had as this depends very much on bodyweight and technique as some runners may find the Sub 2 a little too low on support because they are so thin in the soles.

I feel that they compare most closely to the Takumi Sen, ride- wise as they have a similar drop and support. However, I prefer the Takumi sen more as I find the torison feature helps me out more in faster runs. In comparison to the Takumi sen, the Sub 2 is more responsive and grittier.


  • Light
  • Responsive
  • Provides great grip and traction
  • Gives a feeling of good arch support
  • The upper material ventilates well and adapts very well to the foot shape.
  • The outsole lasts quite well ! (from 100 km of personal use)


  • High price
  • Some may find it lacks support
  • Lack of torison control means that the muscles tire out more easily for runners with less developed muscles

The Bottom Line

 🏅Suited for:

 👟 distance: short to mid distances ( up to 10k) Some runners may find them suitable for longer distances depending on the style of running and muscle strength

💡foot type: Normal to high arches, OK for wider feet.

💸 training: Short speedy sessions, race day or Zone 2 running as they are light enough to gather cadence.

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